Below is the list of graduate courses directly related to my research that I have taken (credit or audit) at Penn, MIT and Harvard.


Course Name Instructor (Last Name)
Applied Econometrics I Shaman
Applied Econometrics II Shaman
Econometrics I Schorfheide & Cheng
Econometrics II Diebold
Bayesian Methods and Computation Jensen
Mathematical Statistics Small
Linear Statistical Models Brown
Observational Studies Small
Machine Learning Ungar
Advanced Topics in Machine Learning Kearns
Advanced Topics in Natural Language Processing Joshi
Advanced Topics in Databases: Information Discovery in Massive Datasets Davidson
Empirical Models in Marketing Bradlow
Measurement and Data Analysis in Marketing Van den Bulte
Applied Probability Models in Marketing Fader


Course Name Instructor (Last Name)
Applied Network Theory and Analysis Aral
Applications of Operations Research in Social Networks Perakis & Zaman
Identity and Action Zuckerman
Economics of IT & Digitization Brynjolfsson & Van Alstyne
Experimental Design Eckles


Course Name Instructor (Last Name)
Empirical Studies of Innovation Greenstein & Lakhani
Machine Learning in Econometrics: Prediction, Estimation & Big Data. Mullainathan