**Note that I have graduated and left Philly. I plan on coming up with such a list for Boston soon!**

Following are the lists of my favorite restaurants/bars in Philly (mostly in Center City, Olde City, University City, 1-2 in Northern Liberties).

There are similar (better organized!) lists maintained by Profs. Lyle Ungar and Shane Jensen, both of whom are also Machine Learning/Statistics people, so there might be some "bias" :-). This is a more grad. student friendly list, though!

00. The Dandelion (Pub/Restaurant) (124 S. 18th Street)
01. Village Whiskey (Pub/Restaurant) (Most extensive collection of bourbons/whiskies in the area!) (118 S. 20th Street)
02. National Mechanics (Pub w. Dance Floor/Restaurant) (22 S. 3rd Street)
03. The Cambridge (Pub/Restaurant) (1508 South Street)
04. Stella Pizzeria (Restaurant) (420 S. 2nd Street)
05. The Corner (Restaurant) (102 S. 13th Street)
06. Standard Tap (Pub/Restaurant) (Great variety of beers!) (901 N. 2nd Street)
07 Monk's Cafe (Pub/Restaurant) (264 S. 16th Street)
09. El Vez (Restaurant--Mexican) (121 S. 13th Street)
10. The Parc (Restaurant) (227 South 18th Street)
11. Han Dynasty (Restaurant--Chinese) (108 Chestnut Street and 3711 Market Street)
12. Public House (Sports Pub/Restaurant) (2 Logan Square)
13. Percy Street Barbeque (BBQ) (10th and South)
14. Kabobeesh (Restaurant--Indian/Pakistani) (4201 Chestnut Street)
15. Pod (Restaurant--Asian Fusion) (3636 Sansom Street)
16. White Dog (Pub/Restaurant) (3420 Sansom Street)
17. Baby Blues BBQ (Pub/Restaurant) (3402 Sansom Street)
18. Bobby's Burger Palace (Restaurant) (3925 Walnut Street)
19. Estia (Restaurant--Greek) (1405 Locust Street)
20. El Rey (Restaurant--Mexican) (2013 Chestnut Street)
21. Kanela (Restaurant--Greek) (1001 Spruce Street)
22. Pub n' Kitchen (Pub/Restaurant) (1946 Lombard Street) (used to be one of the best place 'till they came under new management!)

Note that, this is not a strictly ranked list, as some places are the best in that neighborhood e.g. White Dog cafe in University City.

  Here is a list of my favorite cafés-to-work-from:
00. La Colombe (130 S. 19th St) (No wifi! Depending on you can be a good or bad thing!)
01. LaVa Café (Corner of 21st and South)
02. OCF Café (Corner of 18th and South)
03. Miel Patisserie (204 S. 17th St)
04. La Citadelle (1600 Pine St.)